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Some may read the title and say “I’m not really a religious person” and feel it’s not a book they are interested in; but today, when our news feeds are inundated with fake news and propaganda to incite fear and push agenda, leaving us feeling hopeless, lost, defeated, and searching for answers, this is just what you need.


I cover some of the main topics that have dominated the news, such as abortion, LGBTQ matters, increased bullying, and suicide, as well as forgiveness, parenting, relationships, and the law of the Lord and the law of the land so that you realize a choice exists that you must make.


As laws and norms change, people are feeling confused and conflicted, and we see a society that has lost hope and that needs to know how to navigate through these dark times of uncertainty.


If you or someone you know has ever been in a dark place, has lost hope, wavered in faith, wondered what your purpose is, wondered if God exists, sought the truth, felt alone, discouraged, has self-medicated, suffered from addiction and depression, or has contemplated suicide, divorce, an abortion, a sex change, or even getting a tattoo, you will find answers from sound doctrine, with accompanying scriptures, and will discover the mysteries of God as they are unfolded within that will increase your faith and renew your hope in God and mankind.


It is my hope, prayer, and belief that upon reading, you will be richly blessed and have a zeal for life that will lead you to a life of prayer, repentance, salvation, and a relationship with God.


I hope the kingdom of God will be increased and not only lives but souls will be saved.


Be strong! Be encouraged! Be blessed!

The Bible Will Be My Textbook

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
Based on 1 review
1 review

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