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Author and visionary, Raven M. Brown
Ecclesiastes 10:20 KJV
A majestic raven carrying a cross as it soars

Faith-based Christian books and apparel by Hear The Raven's Cry

Empowering Readers To Seek The TRUTH!

Promoting Faith
Inspiring Passion
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Through Christian Books and Video Content
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The Bible Will Be
My Textbook
The awe inspiring book - The Bible Will Be My Textbook
A thought-provoking, inspiring, poetic book by Raven M. Brown
As The World Is Seen Through The Eyes
Of The Raven


A woman who still likes to read a paperback book; a lost form.
A young man deeply engrossed in a captivating poetry book.
5-Stars Book Review Rating

Arthur D.

" My mother would always say that the Word is Nourishment for your soul. That means that not only was this book a good read but spiritually a good eat. I would recommend it to all, from the seedling sprout to the seasoned or seasonal warrior (occasionally we fall). It inspired me to change some actions I had been planning concerning a debtor. I'm now actually ok with taking it to GOD and waiting. After reading this book, I ordered it twice more for my daughters. It should give them some insight on the battles/issues they are and will continue to face when we attempt to walk in the Light."
5 Stars Book Review Rating

Evangelist D. Yopp

In reading this book I find it to be one that can be recommended for all ages. The clarification is beyond a doubt needed today with so much devastation all over the land.  The follow up of scriptural doctrine is so very important and also needed more than ever before. I am an ordained minister of God, an old soldier in HIS army: I have suggested this book to relatives, friends, babes in Christ, mature people of God active or inactive-for knowledge, inspiration and encouragement: To God be the Glory. Evangelist Dorothy.
5 Stars Book Review Rating

Bennie B.

" Wow, As The World Is Seen Through The Eyes Of The Raven, Hear Her Cry, was such an inspiration to me. I really do thank God for what he’s doing in the life of this Raven. God is using this Raven to feed the lost, the lame, and even those that are spiritually blind and as a messenger for Christ Jesus.  I pray that as Raven continues to obey the voice of God to write books and poems such as this book of poems and the book, The Bible Will Be My Textbook, God will use her to pull down strongholds and loose many shackles that are bound by hate and reach the souls that need to be saved.  May The Lord Forever Bless and Keep Raven."


A Christian Apparel brand that exists to promote truth, light, and wisdom, to elicit healthy dialogue!

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